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Charter School counseling
Charter School Consulting

A.S.K. Charter Consulting LLC will provide:

  •  petition implementation assistance,

  • charter school advocacy services (start up charter school leaders) 


Valuable services are also available for:

  • leadership training

  • strategic planning

  • governance

  • professional development 

  • fiscal management training


Our consulting format is based on interactive collaborative sessions whereby the client plays an integral part in the decision/design process.

Our post-petition approval  services include :


  • budget/financial management services

  • operational/charter audits  

  • governance oversight reviews

school finance
 School Finance Consulting
Fiscal Services to include budgets, projections, purchasing procedures, audits as well as oversight and maintenance of public school financial records in accordance with local and state guidelines.

School Treasurer Services to provide oversight and maintenance of school financial records, including preparation of standard financial operating procedures, budgets, financial reports, fiscal year-end reports and annual audits.


Accounts Payable Services are available as needed, working directly with the school's Business Manager and/or finance staff.

Payroll Services to ensure your payroll is processed timely according to State and Federal Regulations.  Payroll Service includes employee file maintenance, direct deposit, processing of payroll, tracking and payment of all local, state and federal taxes related to payroll, payments and reporting related to employee required deductions, and a monthly reconciliation of payroll bank account 



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