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Record restrictions (expungement)s

Our story begins and ends with our desire to contribute to our community in a significant way. We want to evoke change in an ever-evolving era of criminal justice reform. This advocacy has a lasting affect on our communities for generations to come. 


We have been most proud when our alternative strategies have left an imprint on our community that's linked to an increased success rate of Record Restrictions (expungements) for citizens and career and job assistance for those involved. A.S.K. Charter Consulting LLC is rewriting the story. 

Expungements Criminal History  Records solutions



Specialization is our new norm. Innovation is our new "how". ASK Charter Consulting LLC is geared toward results and success. This can only be accomplished through the "road less traveled", hence our name, A.S.K-"Alternative Strategies and Knowledge".


This mantra  guides our motivations and actions for our clients  which also creates a superior client  experience.  All in all, our affiliates, communities and clients win!

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