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Mr. Charlton Bivins sees the world as a place where equity in opportunities can exist for all.  Parents and children can have choice in there fundamental educational opportunities. He wants a man or woman to be judged by their present actions and not their past. Is it true that a man can pay his debt to society or is that an alternative fact in 2017. After years of restricting the freedom of individuals as a law enforcer, he feels it is now time to restrict those elements that hold individuals, families and our community back and away from success. Hence the creation of Alternative Strategies and Solutions (A.S.K.).


Mr. Bivins brings a plethora of knowledge in the navigation of our law enforcement and judicial protocols, in concert with  the Criminal History Records Information Systems (CHRI) of the G.B.I.  He is a 27-year retired law enforcement manager with DeKalb Co. Sheriff's Office.


During his tenure , he was assigned as the DeKalb Co. Sheriff's Office, Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC)  liaison/representative. His responsibilities as Terminal Agency Coordinator (T.A.C.) included Ga. Criminal History Record System management, training, certification, enforcement  and agency compliance.


In the latter years of his career, he was tasked as the DeKalb Co. Sheriff's Office ,Assistant Watch Commander of Court Division where he gained extensive knowledge of the judicial processes and the nuisances of criminal history records and the  judicial system. Mr. Bivins brings that expertise to A.S.K Charter Consulting LLC.

Mr. Bivins is also experienced in school board legislation, governance, oversight, and charter school authorization. He gained this experience as a six-year member of the Clayton County Board of Education. Mr. Bivins has combined twenty-four years of experience as a speaker/instructor and author of course topics in law enforcement, education, leadership and civics. He has made presentations at State P.T.A. Conferences, Georgia Jail Association conferences as well as and many other local organizations.


Mr. Charlton Bivins obtained his Bachelor’s degree concentrating on Organizational Leadership. He has utilized his skills as a community organizer at many levels. His passion to contribute to local communities is evident by his involvement in numerous community boards and activities. His vision of reducing obstacles so that the children and citizens of Clayton Co. and the state will have  equal and just chances to succeed has made him a leader in this community.


He is Co-founder of several nonprofit organizations; Leadership Clayton Alumni Association, Concerned Citizens of Clayton County Inc.(C-4) and Men Standing in the Gap 2.0 Inc.(MSIG).  Mr. Bivins was recognized for the latter organization’s efforts by President Barack Obama 2014 by being awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. His motto, “All Things Community” drives his energy to serve you, your families and ultimately our communities..

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