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GBI-Record restrictions(expungements)
Courts- criminal history records

Criminal Records Investigations

 We specialize in the following: 
 Criminal History Record Information Analysis  Services

We execute a thorough evaluation  of your criminal history  to  detect fraudulent or erroneous information. This occurs  through meticulous fact-finding and probing arrest, jail  and court records.  We will prepare a thorough report of our  findings for our clients.

 Criminal Record Corrections Services
As our clients' investigator/advocate, we research,  collect, mediate and process misinformation found  as a result of analyzing your criminal history and supporting documents.  We will prepare a thorough report and retrieve a corrected criminal history as  evidence of corrections
Expungements /Record Restrictions Processing  Services

As our client, we complete a thorough analysis of  your criminal history. All errors and fraudulent  inputs are corrected . We then measure your criminal record  to Georgia statues  and the State of Georgia Record Restriction (expungement) rubrics/law.


We conclude our  advocacy by  tediously navigating law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorney offices  and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (G.B.I.) to ensure Georgia state law is executed on your behalf and that your qualifying  criminal records are restricted (expunged) expeditiously and properly. Those arrest that don't qualify for expungement, we recommend and offer free of charge to our clients a State of Georgia Pardon Package.

Criminal Record Corrections


"We often times audit or review our credit reports/histories, but when was the last time 

you reviewed your  criminal  history record?"


 Fraud and identity theft has no boundaries. In the midst  of examining thousands of criminal histories,   A.S.K. Charter Consulting has revealed some  very  interesting trends. Criminals are very illusive and if  given the opportunity to use your name and personal  information in lieu of revealing their identity in an  interaction with the law, they will do so. This tactic  creates erroneous arrest records and histories if the  agencies are not diligent in their record keeping.  We  have seen that they often times are not.


 Secondly, criminal records are often times tarnished by  human/administrative errors that are just as damaging.  Don't let human error cost you that key job, licence  or  opportunity. 


Record Restriction (Expungement)


Criminal Record Restriction (expungement) Consultancy is now a must to ensure a quality of life for many Georgia citizens.  U.S. Dept. of Justice Statistics show that 1 out 3 Americans  have been incarcerated or arrested. Yet the legal system makes no major distinction between arrest, incarceration or convictions  when employers, housing authorities, federal program officials , college officials and others  review such criminal records and make decisions based on the information that is present. This is a travesty!  Local legislators , law enforcement officials and community leaders see the impact on individuals, families and the communities as a result.


Now, there is HOPE.  New Georgia state law makes it possible now for those that qualify, can get criminal record relief through the new concept called Record Restrictions formerly called (expungements).


 A.S.K. Charter Consulting LLC  is not a law firm nor is the information on this website to be construed as legal advice. We are not attorneys nor do we have any affiliation with any particular law firms. We are specialists in criminal history record information only. We provide specialized information regarding the interpretation and correction of criminal history record information (CHRI) and Expungement (Record Restriction)  processes. 

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